Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yeah for . . .

High energy levels from these two ALWAYS
Yeah . . . for second trimester return of energy levels! After deciding on a goal of weekly posts I found my energy levels dramatically dropping and from prior experience this could only mean one thing. We will be welcoming a new member to the family! Oh my. So in between university course work, and keeping up with A and H there was little motivation or energy for anything other than sleep, occasional knitting and preparing for two late April birthdays and Easter.
Mama must be feeling better - we were all keen to do some baking last week

But the last week and a half I have been feeling much better - I can stay awake in the evenings, get through the day without desperately wanting a nap and can eat most foods again. But best of all is that I have gotten around to some sewing. Projects that I had planned and prepared but had not completed.
A's new PJ's perfect for jumping on the bed
The list included appliqu├ęd long sleeve singlets for A and H (part of their Easter baskets), Pyjamas for A and H and a whole pile of mending.
H in her new PJ's
Now that I feel back to normal and I am on a break from Uni I am hoping to get through a few more projects.
High on the list is my contribution for the Winter Seasonal Swap. Our winter has been mild so far. It almost feels more like autumn so I will spend the next week searching for wintery inspiration. I look forward to seeing where it leads me.


  1. congratulations on the newest little family member:) Cute pjs, it looks like your little ones are having so much fun

  2. Hi! Congrats, how exciting! Your little ones are so cute! I tried finding you on Pinterest but haven't been able to. here's mine.

    See you there.
    Becca from Chocolate Eyes


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