Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little one has arrived

In the wee small hours (1.47am) of Monday 12th December our family was blessed with the arrival of a baby girl.

Baby Lyra made a pretty fast arrival.

She is our biggest baby yet at 3.8kg almost one kilo bigger that H. She only just fits into the 00000 clothes that her big brother and sister wore.

We are all very much in awe of Baby L and just how perfect newborns are.

A and H are handling the arrival very well with the biggest issue being who gets to cuddle Baby L first each morning.

Baby L went unnamed by her parents for the first week so big brother A took it upon himself to name his littlest sister. He called her 'Silkie' and we all found ouselves using this name. Even now that she has been Lyra for four days we still call her Silkie about one third of the time.

I had been very busy in the weeks before Baby L's arrival and hope to post all the little homemade things that I have been making for Christmas soon.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I recently used freezer paper stencils to adorn a few t-shirts for my boy. I have used this technique a few times in the past - but those early experiments were for gifts so I hadn't really had a chance to see how the paint stood up to repeated washing.

One of the gifts from last Christmas was for my youngest brother and after seeing him this year wear the t-shirt that I stencilled and how clear the image looked after months  and months of a 21 year old's laundry routine I decided to revisit and decorate some t-shirts for A.

There are lots of tutorials available and images can be found in a number of places. The first that I did was the paper airplane found here. So appropriate for my paper plane folding boy (I am sure that on some days he folds a dozen!).

The second design was freehand, inspired by A's other love - stones (and I was also trying to use up some of the freezer paper scraps).
In action at A's mini sports fun day

I love the results and what's more both shirts are on high rotation, often being picked out by A. It was a fairly quick project that could be done in small pockets of time, so perfect for me. Now I want to make more, perhaps a few for H and even some for me when I am back to pre pregnancy shape!