Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Southern Hemisphere Seasonal Swap – Winter 2011

I participated in the Southern Hemisphere seasonal exchange this year. I have taken part in a few seasonal swaps in the past and I love them. 

I love the thinking, planning and the crafting just as much as I enjoy what I receive. I decided early on in the piece that when I join a swap I will always try to make two of whatever it is I create so that I can build up our family’s collection of seasonal treasures.

Here are the goodies that I sent to my partner in the 2011 Winter swap.
homemade goodies

A and H love this little poem. I found it on the internet last year but don't know the source

Wintery white window star and Jack Frost wooden finger puppet

My first attempt at some woodwork - a little tealight candle holder

Ooopps I realise that I havent taken any photos of what I received. My partner and I were thinking very much along the same lines though.

Birthday Goodies

I love to give handmade gifts whenever possible. For our own children Birthdays and Christmas’ always include mostly Mama and Dadda made gifts and I always feel proud when I hear A tell someone that ‘Mama made it’. 
I do sometimes worry when giving handmade gifts to others, especially children who may be used to mostly shop bought presents. Also most of our family and friends give bought gifts.  I worry if the child will like it and what the parents will think. Silly really because most of the time the gift is well received and I like knowing that I have given something from my heart and hands. 
 Here is what I made last month for a little friends 3rd birthday. This set consisted of two little fairy peg dolls and a fairy tepee resting on a leaf.   
This was paired with some new slippers at the suggestion of the little ones mother. The pattern for the tepee was purchased from Etsy. It was a fun gift to put together – in fact I made an extra fairy for myself. I do plan to make a set like this for H. I figure that if I work on it as I can find the time then I can put it aside, perhaps for her 3rd birthday next year. With a new baby on the way I like to plan little things like this along the way so that I don’t have to stress, rush or resort to purchasing something from the shops at the last minute.
Our lucky friends live on a farm. Checking in on the cows and helping with farm chores is a highlight for my two

Birthday girl and H getting the bread ready for the cows

there were some newborn calves

we love the farm!