Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby's sun bonnet

Here is a little sun bonnet that I made for Baby L. It strikes me as ironic is that I am getting the time to put it up here in a week that seems will be full of rain (and the last day of summer). I worried whilst pregnant about having a baby in summer and how we would cope with the heat! As it turns out we have had a very mild summer punctuated by lots of storms and rain – our lawn didn’t even turn brown.

Anyway back to the bonnet, it was made almost entirely from supplies I already had (the only thing that I had to purchase was the interfacing for the brim). I used my favourite Bali Batik on the outside and a blue floral for the inside. The pattern was from here and I would highly recommend it. I changed it by omitting the ribbon ties and putting a button and elastic loop closure, as this seamed more practical than trying to tie ribbons on my beautifully chubby girl.

I think that bonnets look so awesomely sweet on babies and I am planning on making Baby L a cool weather version maybe with wool or corduroy for the outer.  Still deciding if i will use the same pattern as her summer on or maybe try this one.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wooden Toy Bar

When A  was a baby we were given a second hand  little plastic toy bar / frame for him to play with. The colours were a bit bright in that ‘let’s stimulate the baby’s eye sight’ kind of way and in truth I loved the concept but very rarely used it.

When H came along I happened to see a wooden one and loved it (but not the price) and decided that I could just make one – this kind of thinking is a bit of a problem really because it just means that my project list is never ending). It was one of my first woodwork projects as a Mama, simple to make and H had many hours playing under it.

Now it is baby L’s turn. At the moment because she is so young I have draped silk scarves from the frame for her to gaze at

and now I sometimes put on this little wooden pram toy.

 As she gets older I will hang other items made of felt and wood.  

Once baby L outgrows it I have plans to use it as a frame for a little dolls swing or hammock for the girls.

I was inspired to post  about the toy bar by Karen of Bare Feet and a Free Spirit who has made one of these too

A Valentines Day tradition


We have a sweet little tradition of baking and decorating biscuits for 'love day' (as my children call it). This is the fourth year now!

The children like to help with the weekly baking and usually that is enough of an activity but for this special occasion we also mix up some icing and get some sprinkley goodness.
look at that concentration

 I hope that this tradition stays around for a long time - its one of my favourites.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentines Swap

I recently participated in a Valentines Swap hosted by Linda at Natural Suburbia.
My swap partner is also interested in Waldorf education so I created a little something for their seasonal table.

I included a kangaroo shaped biscuit cutter for fun. Apparently her your son had lots of fun with it.

In return I received a needle felted heat garland, heart shaped beeswax floating candles, oat bath sachets and some chocolates or candies as my partner called them.

Please excuse the very wrinkly silk play cloth that I used for a background. I must have looked better in real life or maybe I just didn't notice

I love participating in swaps as it gets me creating. Do you like being involved in swaps? Do you know of any good swaps out there at the moment?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rainbow dress for baby L

I'm joining up with Nicole on Frontier Dreams for Crafting On.  Please check out her wonderful blog!
The wool felt and woolen yarn that I dyed

Here is the start of the first project that I am knitting up with my rainbow dyed wool. Its the 'Rainbow Dress' pattern by Tikki. This is the second time that I have knit this pattern. Actually it was the first real pattern that I ever knit when H was a newborn. I learnt a lot knitting it.

Now I am making it up for baby L. I am making it in the 6 month size as it will be an Easter gift.

It has progressed a bit since these photos thatnks to a couple of hours in the car on a trip to the beach. The wool is fun to knit with as the way the colours combine is so pleasing.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grateful for new friends

Through blog land I have meet an amazingly talented friend. She can quilt, felt, knit socks (something that is on my bucket list) and other beautiful things, sew and draw.  She is also very generous. Last year a little package arrived all the way from The Netherlands containing some treasures for our seasonal table. As you can see they are exquisite.

 My favourite is the dandelion flower child as these flowers - wish flowers as my children call them reminds me so much of our walks together.

A with a wish flower - 2010

This clever lady also creates Mandalas which I did not know a lot about but they are amazing works of art (I am always in awe of people who can draw). A few weeks ago another envelope arrived and this time it contained a birth Mandala for baby L.

I was blown away by the generosity of my far away friend. Thank you Els


Sweet + Simple

Little thank you cards ready to be sent out.
It was fun to look at my neglected stash of scrapbooking supplies and create these little cards.

I recently 'discovered' Project Life and I am feeling very inspired to try and find time to get back to doing some scrapbooking. I don't think that I will be making elaborate pages like I did when A was little but I do want the girls to have albums. This seems do-able. Well I told hubby that it was and I have ordered a kit so now I just have to make it happen!