Friday, August 31, 2012

Needle - ing

  My little H has been quite a keen observer any time I do any kind of sewing and for some time has asked to do needle-ing (that is sewing with a needle). For a tome she was happy to poke pins into a pincushion, then she progressed to threading pieces of felt onto a button that was attached to a ribbon, then sewing on some plastic canvans and her interest was still strong. So two weeks ago after a lovely morning at playgroup we called into our local craft shop to buy a hoop. H choose red - her current favourite colour - and we also (thankfully) got one for A as well to prevent arguments.

 The next day we put together this little basket with some Hessian in the hoop and some pre cut lengths of crochet cotton wound onto a card and a large blunt needle.

 H was keen to start and soon got the hang of which side she needed to poke the needle - she was repeating it to herself (very cute). I did tell her to do little steps with her needle but other than that and a bit of initial help in holding the hoop and sewing at the same time this was all her own little project.

And because baby L was asleep I got own my own hoop and we happily did some needle-ing, side by side together for about 20 minutes (which of course in the word of a three year old is a very long time).

My project is a bit of a long term one that has been on the go for over three years YIKES (on and off - well O.k more off!!) Its a quilt for A that I am hand quilting and its very nearly done. Hopefully I can share the finished quilt soon.

This was such a magical little project sharing my passion with one of my children. Hope we do more soon.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthday Fairy

H and I have been busy creating a gift for our little friends 3rd birthday. Once again I made a little wooden fairy and a felt teepee. This time we also made some largish fabric leaves upcycled from a pair of velour pants that meet an unfortunate fate whilst the wearer was climbing a tree!

H is increasingly interested in the sewing machine as well as any hand sewing I attempt and less easily distracted playing with the pins in the pin cushion. The leaves were a perfect project as they did not require too much concentration or accuracy and were very quick to make. In fact there was a third really large leaf that incorporated one of the original pants pockets but that was instantly whisked off by H as that pocket makes an excellent place for small felt chicks to sleep!

I think that I can now call this my official go to gift for three year old's as I have now made it three times - four if I include the set I made for H's 3rd birthday.

H wanted the fairy to have a sleep in the teepee. Sleeping must have been on her mind this day.

Happy birthday Miss B we hope that being three is a wonderful adventure

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Craft Fair

My best friend and I have a little tradition of attending the local craft fair together each year. Each of my children have come along as babies and this past weekend it was baby L's turn. She was an awesome craft show companion. She managed to have two sleeps and when she was awake she was happy taking in all the sights. It was lovely wandering around all day with her in the carrier.

Here are a few pictures of the goodies that I bought home with me

Hand dyed wool felt, tiny glass jars with cork stoppers and acrylic? flowers

English paper piecing templates, a triangle quilting template and a toadstool stitchery

Washi tape, robot stamp,  liquid pearls, paper flowers and a new paper quilting pattern

A bit of variety that should have me happily creating as time permits. English paper piecing is new to me - something that I gave admired on other blogs. I have vision of my little girls in summer dresses embellished with hexagons and maybe even a dolly quilt. The paper quilt will be perfect for the three little boys that were recently born and who I want to give a little handmade something to. Now if only I could get an extra hour or two a day . . .

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Mitten - a story set

 A little while ago (last year in fact!) there was a how to article in this issue of Living Crafts. It was on how to make a story set with wooden animals and was based on the story of The Mitten. I instantly knew that I would be making this for my own children because I love the Mitten story and also happened to have a copy of the Jan Brett book that I picked up at an op shop a few years ago.

Full of enthusiasm I carefully cut out the wooden figures and then popped them into a little basket with some sand paper ready for those quite moments, when the children are happily playing outside and I am all caught up with the washing and weeding and the million other little jobs that fill my time to be done so that I could hand sand those pieces. Well weeks and months passed, life was busy, it was a new year with a new baby and still the pieces waited. I did manage to do little bits here and there and then in mid May this year I decided that I really did want to get this project done so that A and H could play with it while it was winter.

So I got sanding, then added some simple detail with the wood burner tool. The article suggested painting the figures with a wash of watercolour paint but I loved the natural beauty of the wood so my next stepo was to seal each piece with some home made beeswax wood polish. H helped with this and loved the process. Then all I had to do was make a giant mitten.

Well I got it done and right before our household became very sick with colds, ear infection and asthma. Needless to say that it was very handy having something new to distract the children with and they both requested the mitten story many times.

I love that the mitten laces up. H loves it too

It feels so good to complete a project especially one that has waited so long. I am on a bit of a UFO (unfinished object) kick at the moment so hopefully I will be back soon to share some more.
Do you know the story of The Mitten? Do you have a favourite winter story?