Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Mitten - a story set

 A little while ago (last year in fact!) there was a how to article in this issue of Living Crafts. It was on how to make a story set with wooden animals and was based on the story of The Mitten. I instantly knew that I would be making this for my own children because I love the Mitten story and also happened to have a copy of the Jan Brett book that I picked up at an op shop a few years ago.

Full of enthusiasm I carefully cut out the wooden figures and then popped them into a little basket with some sand paper ready for those quite moments, when the children are happily playing outside and I am all caught up with the washing and weeding and the million other little jobs that fill my time to be done so that I could hand sand those pieces. Well weeks and months passed, life was busy, it was a new year with a new baby and still the pieces waited. I did manage to do little bits here and there and then in mid May this year I decided that I really did want to get this project done so that A and H could play with it while it was winter.

So I got sanding, then added some simple detail with the wood burner tool. The article suggested painting the figures with a wash of watercolour paint but I loved the natural beauty of the wood so my next stepo was to seal each piece with some home made beeswax wood polish. H helped with this and loved the process. Then all I had to do was make a giant mitten.

Well I got it done and right before our household became very sick with colds, ear infection and asthma. Needless to say that it was very handy having something new to distract the children with and they both requested the mitten story many times.

I love that the mitten laces up. H loves it too

It feels so good to complete a project especially one that has waited so long. I am on a bit of a UFO (unfinished object) kick at the moment so hopefully I will be back soon to share some more.
Do you know the story of The Mitten? Do you have a favourite winter story?


  1. This is beautiful! I've been wanting to make that set for a while, too, but haven't had the nerve to attempt the wood cutting yet. This is inspiring! One of my favorite winter stories, too. I also love The Tomten and Grandmother Winter. :)

    1. We have only just discovered the Tomten this winter and also The Tomten and the Fox and I had thought that I could borrow the fox from the mitten set to make a Tomten story. It took me a while to get started cutting wood but I find it very rewarding I would definitely recommend it but you are so busy with your amazing dolls

  2. Ha Ronnie, at first I thought that the story was unknown to me but the moment I saw the mitten (didn't have that word right in my mind .... ;-) ....) I realized I have a lovely illustrated picture book with the story !!!! Great set ! And in a while A or H will be telling the story to their younger sister ;-)

  3. Ronnie, just wanted to let you know I received the bonnet today! Lovely! Of course my 2 year old thinks he should wear it, upside down and backwards like a sort of helmet while riding his little indoor bike. I no sooner had it out of the envelope, when he saw the beautiful colors and had to try it on! It will have to magically disappear during nap time to save for the baby, but I wanted to let you know it was already a big hit! Thanks again! Elisa


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