Friday, August 31, 2012

Needle - ing

  My little H has been quite a keen observer any time I do any kind of sewing and for some time has asked to do needle-ing (that is sewing with a needle). For a tome she was happy to poke pins into a pincushion, then she progressed to threading pieces of felt onto a button that was attached to a ribbon, then sewing on some plastic canvans and her interest was still strong. So two weeks ago after a lovely morning at playgroup we called into our local craft shop to buy a hoop. H choose red - her current favourite colour - and we also (thankfully) got one for A as well to prevent arguments.

 The next day we put together this little basket with some Hessian in the hoop and some pre cut lengths of crochet cotton wound onto a card and a large blunt needle.

 H was keen to start and soon got the hang of which side she needed to poke the needle - she was repeating it to herself (very cute). I did tell her to do little steps with her needle but other than that and a bit of initial help in holding the hoop and sewing at the same time this was all her own little project.

And because baby L was asleep I got own my own hoop and we happily did some needle-ing, side by side together for about 20 minutes (which of course in the word of a three year old is a very long time).

My project is a bit of a long term one that has been on the go for over three years YIKES (on and off - well O.k more off!!) Its a quilt for A that I am hand quilting and its very nearly done. Hopefully I can share the finished quilt soon.

This was such a magical little project sharing my passion with one of my children. Hope we do more soon.

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