Friday, August 17, 2012

Birthday Fairy

H and I have been busy creating a gift for our little friends 3rd birthday. Once again I made a little wooden fairy and a felt teepee. This time we also made some largish fabric leaves upcycled from a pair of velour pants that meet an unfortunate fate whilst the wearer was climbing a tree!

H is increasingly interested in the sewing machine as well as any hand sewing I attempt and less easily distracted playing with the pins in the pin cushion. The leaves were a perfect project as they did not require too much concentration or accuracy and were very quick to make. In fact there was a third really large leaf that incorporated one of the original pants pockets but that was instantly whisked off by H as that pocket makes an excellent place for small felt chicks to sleep!

I think that I can now call this my official go to gift for three year old's as I have now made it three times - four if I include the set I made for H's 3rd birthday.

H wanted the fairy to have a sleep in the teepee. Sleeping must have been on her mind this day.

Happy birthday Miss B we hope that being three is a wonderful adventure


  1. A flower tipi to sleep in .... what more could any fairy wish !

  2. Thanks Els and Kelly they are fun to make and I hope I get to do more!!


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