Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Its funny when you have a newborn that while you spend hours feeding the baby you have lots of time to think but no real time to act upon these thoughts and ideas. For me, my thoughts always turn to creative ideas and projects.

A few weeks ago, after five weeks of non-stop nurturing, entertaining, cooking, cleaning and all round mothering, I was able to find some much needed time for creative persuits. I was really keen to dye some wool and get knitting some vests / tunics for the girls. So with both girls having a midday nap and A and hubby pottering about outside I turned my kitchen into a dye workshop.

I had some large balls of DK pure wool that I ordered at the end of last year from Bendigo Woolen Mills and so I started with these. I also had some white wool felt and some Aran weight wool that I picked up a few days earlier.

The colours were a lot brighter than I had intended but I must say once it was dried and I started to wind the wool back into balls I was very pleased and excited by the results.

I have already cast on the first project, intended for little L's easter basket and it is knitting up beautifully.

It was wonderful to be creating and I felt so recharged having had almost two hours to act upon some of those crafty thoughts.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Does a brand new baby need Christmas presents?

Baby L was 13 days young on Christmas Day. I hadn't organised any gifts for her because really what does one need at 13 days? But then I started to worry that we may set a pattern of combining her birthday with Christmas and that is something that her Dadda and I are very mindful of as a fellow December babies.

I tried to think what I could possibly go and buy but nothing really struck me and then I woke up on Christmas Eve with a plan to make her a little something.

When A and H were babies I made them both 'taggies' and so that's what I went with for Baby L. The ones for A and H however were square and this time I did something different. I had seen this idea on Pinterest almost 12 months ago and decided to go with it. Luckily I had all the necessary supplies in my craft room so spent a lovely little bit of time on Christmas Eve sewing.

A and H watched with interest ti see want Mama was making for Baby L but were lured out to play on the swings before I was done, and on Christmas Day they were thrilled with the result. Hopefully Baby L loves it too!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Collaboration

Here are a few photos of another joint effort that hubby and I worked on last year. A simple little cot for H's babies.

Hubby did the woodwork, I sewed the base and H loves it.

It is light and sturdy so that she can carry it around the house as she needs to.

The base was made from a vintage sheet

This is Jemma and she was made for H (by me) when she was 18 months old
I am thinking of making a special little quilt and pillow to go with it for her birthday in April . . . hmmm always thinking of the next project.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wooden Castle

This is my favourite gift from Christmas. A wooden castle set for A - dreamed up my me and executed by my awesome hubby. Hubby is very patient when we work on these collaborative projects. I spend months describing what I would like, searching the internet and pinning images onto Pinterest to show him. Of course he puts his own spin on things.

We paired the wall blocks and towers with some Playmobil knights and two horses. A was really, really happy with his gift. He loves making castles and playing out little scenarios. This is a new kind of play for him and I am not sure if it is to do with his age or that he is inspired by the knight figures as this is the first time that he has had this kind of toy.

I love to see children enjoying homemade toys.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I am hoping to do a few posts on Christmas gifts that we created. I always love giving handmade - the receiver gets a unique gift from the heart and I get the fun of crafting. Sometimes I can go a little overboard with ambitious plans that ultimately frustrate me trying to meet the deadline.This year I was really good - only taking on what I was confident I could do comfortably without too many late nights. Projects that could still be managed if Baby L came early, projects I could do in my exhausted end of pregnancy state.

First up I signed up for the angel swap organised by Margaret at We Bloom here.
Here is what I sent out a trio of knitted angels  (a very simple "pattern" that I made up)

and an angel papercut (from here)

My swap partners were the talented Margaret from We Bloom here who sent these sweet and very shimmery wooden angels

 Margaret also sent this clever paper angel. the wings move when the string is gently pulled. This was A's favourite.

Anna Brandford who sent a perfect angel in a little 'nest'. H was very taken with this angel

and Julie Collings who sent a little wooden peg doll style angel holding a tiny candle.

Thank you ladies for gifting me a tiny bit of your creative goodness