Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Collaboration

Here are a few photos of another joint effort that hubby and I worked on last year. A simple little cot for H's babies.

Hubby did the woodwork, I sewed the base and H loves it.

It is light and sturdy so that she can carry it around the house as she needs to.

The base was made from a vintage sheet

This is Jemma and she was made for H (by me) when she was 18 months old
I am thinking of making a special little quilt and pillow to go with it for her birthday in April . . . hmmm always thinking of the next project.


  1. Must be fun for H to play with her own baby, while you are taking care of Lyra !
    I also LOVE that little rug ! (ofcourse: rainbow colours !!!)
    Hope all's well.

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