Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I am hoping to do a few posts on Christmas gifts that we created. I always love giving handmade - the receiver gets a unique gift from the heart and I get the fun of crafting. Sometimes I can go a little overboard with ambitious plans that ultimately frustrate me trying to meet the deadline.This year I was really good - only taking on what I was confident I could do comfortably without too many late nights. Projects that could still be managed if Baby L came early, projects I could do in my exhausted end of pregnancy state.

First up I signed up for the angel swap organised by Margaret at We Bloom here.
Here is what I sent out a trio of knitted angels  (a very simple "pattern" that I made up)

and an angel papercut (from here)

My swap partners were the talented Margaret from We Bloom here who sent these sweet and very shimmery wooden angels

 Margaret also sent this clever paper angel. the wings move when the string is gently pulled. This was A's favourite.

Anna Brandford who sent a perfect angel in a little 'nest'. H was very taken with this angel

and Julie Collings who sent a little wooden peg doll style angel holding a tiny candle.

Thank you ladies for gifting me a tiny bit of your creative goodness

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