Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Does a brand new baby need Christmas presents?

Baby L was 13 days young on Christmas Day. I hadn't organised any gifts for her because really what does one need at 13 days? But then I started to worry that we may set a pattern of combining her birthday with Christmas and that is something that her Dadda and I are very mindful of as a fellow December babies.

I tried to think what I could possibly go and buy but nothing really struck me and then I woke up on Christmas Eve with a plan to make her a little something.

When A and H were babies I made them both 'taggies' and so that's what I went with for Baby L. The ones for A and H however were square and this time I did something different. I had seen this idea on Pinterest almost 12 months ago and decided to go with it. Luckily I had all the necessary supplies in my craft room so spent a lovely little bit of time on Christmas Eve sewing.

A and H watched with interest ti see want Mama was making for Baby L but were lured out to play on the swings before I was done, and on Christmas Day they were thrilled with the result. Hopefully Baby L loves it too!


  1. Aaaah Ronnie, what a lovely picture !!!
    She looks gorgeous !
    What a wonderful present, I hope you don't mind when I borrow the idea for around Mai this year ? A really sunny bear-companion to hold on to !

  2. Thanks Els - it was a really simple to make gift - I did it in my sleep deprived mother of three state - lol. I think that down the track I will make more for baby gifts. Mai is a lovely name - I hope that you share some pics.


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