Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Its funny when you have a newborn that while you spend hours feeding the baby you have lots of time to think but no real time to act upon these thoughts and ideas. For me, my thoughts always turn to creative ideas and projects.

A few weeks ago, after five weeks of non-stop nurturing, entertaining, cooking, cleaning and all round mothering, I was able to find some much needed time for creative persuits. I was really keen to dye some wool and get knitting some vests / tunics for the girls. So with both girls having a midday nap and A and hubby pottering about outside I turned my kitchen into a dye workshop.

I had some large balls of DK pure wool that I ordered at the end of last year from Bendigo Woolen Mills and so I started with these. I also had some white wool felt and some Aran weight wool that I picked up a few days earlier.

The colours were a lot brighter than I had intended but I must say once it was dried and I started to wind the wool back into balls I was very pleased and excited by the results.

I have already cast on the first project, intended for little L's easter basket and it is knitting up beautifully.

It was wonderful to be creating and I felt so recharged having had almost two hours to act upon some of those crafty thoughts.


  1. Stunning colours - what fun projects you can make with this wool. By the way, I think we might be in the same part of the world from your earlier post mentioning Mugga Lane. Might bump into each other at our local Steiner school in years to come :-)

  2. WOW, Ronnie, those COLOURS : amazing !!!
    Never tried dyeing yarn myself or unfelted wool .... ;-( ... too scared that I mess it all up, the rooving that is)
    I love to use the special dyed felt to make some wonderful little dolls, it sometimes is available on the special craft fair !
    It sure will be a pleasure to use up the yarn, hope you will show what became of it !

  3. Hi Happy Whimsical Hearts - I spotted some Floriade pics on your blog when I discovered you last year and was pretty sure we were from the same little corner of the world. Hopefully our paths will cross

  4. Els dying wool is very simple and fun. This was the first time I used 'proper' dye and I am thrilled with the result. My other ventures into wool dying were using food colouring (also looks great. Hoping to post doon with the first project using this wool

  5. your yarn is truly gorgeous! Ive been meaning to get some undyed wool to dye myself. Id love to see your wooden toy bar that you made. What a lovely idea to drape silks for a young baby:) I think ill make a doll swing for when were between babies too, the children would love it. Might even see if I can make a hammock style one with a playsilk, although ill wait a while to show them or the poor baby might be waiting for his turn a lot!

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks for your lovely comments. When I dyed the wool I was kinda hoping for beautiful pastel colours like the ones that you are able to achieve but I guess i am a bit heavy handed with the dye. I will try and snap a few pictures of the toy bar in action soon.


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