Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Little one has arrived

In the wee small hours (1.47am) of Monday 12th December our family was blessed with the arrival of a baby girl.

Baby Lyra made a pretty fast arrival.

She is our biggest baby yet at 3.8kg almost one kilo bigger that H. She only just fits into the 00000 clothes that her big brother and sister wore.

We are all very much in awe of Baby L and just how perfect newborns are.

A and H are handling the arrival very well with the biggest issue being who gets to cuddle Baby L first each morning.

Baby L went unnamed by her parents for the first week so big brother A took it upon himself to name his littlest sister. He called her 'Silkie' and we all found ouselves using this name. Even now that she has been Lyra for four days we still call her Silkie about one third of the time.

I had been very busy in the weeks before Baby L's arrival and hope to post all the little homemade things that I have been making for Christmas soon.

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  1. Welcome to the world, dear little one,

    Love and light Marie


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