Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rainbow dress for baby L

I'm joining up with Nicole on Frontier Dreams for Crafting On.  Please check out her wonderful blog!
The wool felt and woolen yarn that I dyed

Here is the start of the first project that I am knitting up with my rainbow dyed wool. Its the 'Rainbow Dress' pattern by Tikki. This is the second time that I have knit this pattern. Actually it was the first real pattern that I ever knit when H was a newborn. I learnt a lot knitting it.

Now I am making it up for baby L. I am making it in the 6 month size as it will be an Easter gift.

It has progressed a bit since these photos thatnks to a couple of hours in the car on a trip to the beach. The wool is fun to knit with as the way the colours combine is so pleasing.


  1. Oh I love rainbow anything! That dress will be beautiful! I can't wait to see it all finished!!

  2. O Ronnie ! Your little one will look sooooo sweet !
    Yhe yarn looks very good when knitted !

  3. Oh how rainbows make me smile!! I love the way these colors are working's going to be a beautiful finished product!!


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