Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby's sun bonnet

Here is a little sun bonnet that I made for Baby L. It strikes me as ironic is that I am getting the time to put it up here in a week that seems will be full of rain (and the last day of summer). I worried whilst pregnant about having a baby in summer and how we would cope with the heat! As it turns out we have had a very mild summer punctuated by lots of storms and rain – our lawn didn’t even turn brown.

Anyway back to the bonnet, it was made almost entirely from supplies I already had (the only thing that I had to purchase was the interfacing for the brim). I used my favourite Bali Batik on the outside and a blue floral for the inside. The pattern was from here and I would highly recommend it. I changed it by omitting the ribbon ties and putting a button and elastic loop closure, as this seamed more practical than trying to tie ribbons on my beautifully chubby girl.

I think that bonnets look so awesomely sweet on babies and I am planning on making Baby L a cool weather version maybe with wool or corduroy for the outer.  Still deciding if i will use the same pattern as her summer on or maybe try this one.


  1. Ahhh, Ronnie, how lovely little L looks with her bonnet !
    (Just knitted a tiny beanie for the new baby ...)

  2. aww, she looks so sweet in her bonnet:) I love that batik fabric, just perfect for a baby girl. I love your wooden toy bar that you made, its fantastic!

  3. Wonderful bonnet and great blog!

  4. Very cute baby bonnets (and baby, of course!) I enjoy making things like this for my kids, including some matching ties I recently made. Thanks for sharing and the good ideas you've brought to my mind!

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment


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