Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rainbow needle felted faries

In the last week of being pregnant with baby L I was bitten by the needle felting bug ( it was great because it helped to distract my mind from the fact that the baby was overdue). I wanted to make a mobile for the baby that I was waiting to meet and as I played around with the roving these little fairies / angels came into being.
I ended up making eight of them in rainbow colours (of course) using beautiful roving from here and here.

The roving used here was from Fiona Duthie

wing detail

Even though all the needle felting was done before baby L arrived they are still sitting in a little basket on my work table as i am unsure how I should string them up and I have not had time to play around with them. I am hoping to have some time in the coming weekend.

This fairy is the Indigo Inspirations rainbow roving

This eighth fairy / angel is not part of the mobile - I was just having too much fun


  1. I actually gasped when I came to the first wing photo - what a special mobile!

  2. Hi Ronnie, nice to 'meet' you here in your space! I'm impressed with your lovely wooly creations..... especially all that nice bright colour! I had a peep back at your wool dyeing and will definitely be giving food colouring a try after seeing yours hanging on the washing line!!
    Needle felting will be next on my learning curve..... there are just so many great crafts to learn!

    1. Hi Evi
      So nice to meet you as well.And thanks for visiting.
      Would you believe that my hubby and I have been looking at your blog as we are planning to make Miss H a tree house for her birthday and the one that your son made for his sister is one of the nicest ones we have seen!
      I hope that you do try dying with food colour - its lots of fun - my five year old does it. Reading about your results with turmeric was really interesting

  3. Thank you for the lovely comments - it was a lot of fun and will be a great reminder to me of all that anticipation.


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