Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wooden Toy Bar

When A  was a baby we were given a second hand  little plastic toy bar / frame for him to play with. The colours were a bit bright in that ‘let’s stimulate the baby’s eye sight’ kind of way and in truth I loved the concept but very rarely used it.

When H came along I happened to see a wooden one and loved it (but not the price) and decided that I could just make one – this kind of thinking is a bit of a problem really because it just means that my project list is never ending). It was one of my first woodwork projects as a Mama, simple to make and H had many hours playing under it.

Now it is baby L’s turn. At the moment because she is so young I have draped silk scarves from the frame for her to gaze at

and now I sometimes put on this little wooden pram toy.

 As she gets older I will hang other items made of felt and wood.  

Once baby L outgrows it I have plans to use it as a frame for a little dolls swing or hammock for the girls.

I was inspired to post  about the toy bar by Karen of Bare Feet and a Free Spirit who has made one of these too


  1. Such a wonderful idea - I wish I had thought of this when looking at toy frames! And baby L is so sweet, love her beautiful deep eyes.

  2. Great idea this wooden toy frame
    How bright L looks at everything already !

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