Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sewing for the baby

I recently had the chance to make a start on a few little things for our new baby - due at the end of November. Usually I am overwhelmed by possibilities and choices which makes commiting to and starting a project problematic. Luckily a few months back I had ordered a copy of Growing-up-sew-liberated and in it I found a pattern for a baby sleep sack.

It is such a straight foward pattern to follow. I implemented my usual process of tracing up the pattern one night, cutting the fabric the next and then sewing up on the third. Actually because it was the school holidays I managed to do the sewing up during nap time.

They were a bit tricky to photograph without a cute baby around to model - but not long now!


  1. Hi Ronnie, Email me if you like, it is on my blog, top left, and we can chat Autumn boxes, cheers Marie


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