Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun with a ball of wool

A couple of weeks ago Mum and I went for a drive to Spotlight (a chain craft / haberdashery / homewares shop) . We had a few things on our lists but of course walked out with much more. And all because of a fairly obscure sign advertising 60% off Moda Vera yarn. I have knit with this yarn a few times and it is really nice to work with and the 8ply / DK was $1.80 per 50g ball for pure aussie wool - well how could I resist?
Adding colour is a bit adictive - its easy to go overboard

I ended up with enough wool for several knits for the coming winter  - two bloom tunic / rainbow dresses, one milo vest, three balls of sock yarn which mum will knit for me as I am not yet up to tackling socks (in fact she has already completed the first pair), some organic cotton to knit a summer hat for the baby and six balls of white to play around with and dye.

I decided to have a play around with some food colouring and dye one ball of the white. I wanted the overall look to be lots of red with pops of other colours as I want to knit a little gnome hat to use as a prop to photograph the baby. I think I got a bit carried away with the colours and there was not as much red as I would have liked but still a fun rainbow resulted.

The techmique that I used was from an article from the Fall 2009 issue of Living Crafts magazine.
Fall 2009 issue

I have used this article before and it is simple and fun - A even got in on the action last time.
Drying is the sun

Just realised that the photos of the wool all balled up are still on the camera. I will have to add these another time!

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