Sunday, November 27, 2011

I found a treasure

On Wednesday between dropping A off at preschool and a playgroup excursion to the farmyard nursery H and  I had a bit of time to fill. As we were going to Mugga Lane anyway I thought we would visit Tiny's Green shed and have a look around (this is our local rubbish tip recycling centre). Not that I was looking for anything in particular but on the way out I spotted a treasure.

A beautiful old style wooden sewing box! I have always loved these - I thinks its all those little compartments - the promise of organisation. Anyway this one is in pretty good condition - its amazing what people throw away isn't it?

I am not sure if this will be used for a sewing box yet given the ages of my children and the fact that H seems to think it is a seat, but it would make a pretty good Lego storage box don't you think? Hmmm I wonder what else . . .


  1. Hi Ronnie, that looks very familiar ... ;-)
    It will make a great box for the LEGO indeed !
    (love your dyeing experiment)

  2. Oh, I have one of these (but a bit smaller) and it's utterly decrepit but I love it. It's stuffed full of my sewing things, but the poor old box keeps falling apart. I've put it all back together once, but I think it's time for a new sewing box :-(


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