Sunday, May 27, 2012

Autumn Crafting

The girls and I have slowley found a rythym to our days whilst A is away at school. It has taken us a while because almost two hours a day are taken up with school drop off and pick up and we also need to accomodate baby L's sleeps.

Last week H and I did a craft using some of the beautiful autumn leaves that we are lucky enough to be surrounded by at the moment. These leaf transparencies are so simple yet so effective.

We simply folded a long piece of waxed luncheon paper (with the wax sides together) then I rounded the corners. We opened up the paper and arranged the leaves to our liking.

When we were happy with our arrangement we closed the paper and then I used a warm iron which melts the wax and keeps the leaves in place.

When placed in a window they are beautiful (but hard to photograph well!)

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  1. Ahhh Ronnie this looks so lovely ! (I'm not familiar with "waxed paper" but it sure is something to look for !)
    (love the fairies in the previous post ....)


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