Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Babies birthdays - part 2

First I have to say that I cannot believe that my little boy is 6, my goodness {but I think I say it every year – lol}

wow - six years ago . . .

We started the day of course with snuggles and presents. A’s gifts were set of Tashi books – we read the first book or two last year from the library and he is thrilled to have more Tashi stories.

this boy loves books

A started attending a circus skills program each week last term and we decided to get him a spinning plate and Jester stix – two of the manipulatives that he has been using in the program.

spinning plates is harder than it looks

H has watched the trick stix each week at circus and was glad to finally give them a try

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The birthday boy wanted a dragon cake!! and Spaghetti Bolognaise for his birthday dinner. The spaghetti was easy though Hubby and I made fresh pasta to make it a bit more special but a dragon cake! Thanks to Google images I was able to find a diagram that illustrated how to piece together a dragon and then the next day discovered the same dragon cake in one of my cookbooks. 
A was very pleased with his cake

I feel very grateful that Hubby had the week off work so that we could spend these special days with the children. He took the older two out in the morning for a trip to the big hardware store (a favourite destination for our children) made even better because of the school holidays and the craft activity that was running. I spent the better part of the morning on the cake. It turnd out really well. 

We had planned to have a quiet afternoon tea and while it was very nice there was a LOT of cake and I think next time we may invite a little friend or two over even if we are not having a party as such.


  1. Your cake is wonderful - looks like lots of fun all round :-)

  2. Ronnie ! That cake !!!! you worked miracles !!! The dragon is awesome !!!!!

  3. Thank you. I was really proud of the cake and pleased that my by was impressed :)


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