Sunday, July 8, 2012

The last few weeks . . .

The last few weeks have been whizzing past - lots of things to keep me busy and also some big decisions to ponder and make. Here is some of what has been occupying my time
Lantern walk at playgroup
Baby L is roly poly and very active

Winter = more frequent asthma for both H and A
A little backyard fire bucket to celebrate the Winter solstice

complete with sparklers and marshmallows
Teaching needle felting to a wonderful woman's group that I am a part of

Baby L has started solids - so a bit of extra cooking and a whole exciting adventure

A work in progress that H helped me with

New hairstyles for H - she has discovered that she likes ribbons

My boy who is enjoying spending time in the kitchen - he is looking so grown up!
another one who is growing too quickly
A new needle felted mobile for Baby L

Busy happy times for sure.

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  1. The lantern walk looks like it was lovely! We missed ours sadly because Dino Boy had a cold. Love your pic of Baby L and the magnetic letters ~ so clever!!


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