Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My girls in their Rainbows

 I finished the rainbow tunic that I was working on for H a fortnight or so ago - not much chance to sit and upload the photos hence the delay. This is the tunic that was to be an Easter gift then a birthday gift (mid April) and was finally a 'here you go I finished it' gift!

These photos were taken on the morning of the first day that H could wear her tunic. She loved matching baby L. The skirt is a lot fuller that the one that I made last winter but I think it works well and as H discovered when we arrived at our playgroup that day the fullness means that she can pull it up to make some pretty neat wings - heheh.

The pattern is "Bloom" by Georgie Hallam but I worked the skirt without the lace work making it the perfect no thinking knit for me.

sweet siblings

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  1. Wow Ronnie, you have some sweet sweet rainbow ladies there !!!!
    (and it goes nice with big brother's purple !)


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