Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pony sensory tub

 H received some little plastic toy ponies for her birthday.She is probably a bit young for this type of toy and they were sitting about unused. Then one night via pinterest I saw a sensory tray that incorporated similar small ponies and I wondered if H might enjoy that.

 It was simple enough to put together using bits and bobs from around the house - the ponies (of course), a silicone cupcake form, some shells and pompoms along with the rice in a round container.

I coloured the rice using rubbing alcohol and food colouring - the instructions are easy to find if you Google. I have also, in my past life as a pre-school teacher coloured rice without the rubbing alcohol with good results i.e colourfast and without the nasty smell. 

H was a little unsure at first. She is usually reluctant with new textures. We do have another larger rice tray that we set up under our shady wisteria in summer but it been a while since the children have played with it.

She carefully scopped up some rice into the shells so that the ponies coud have a drink.

Then H said they needed plants. After a quick trip to our own Aladdin's cave better known as the spare room I was able to give her some (artificial) green leaves. H then carefully planted these in the rice.

Next H raided her brothers blocks and added two castle towers so that the treasure could be safe at the top. She even asked her Dadda if he might make some smaller towers for the ponies : )

All up I think H played with the tub for a little over half an hour which is a good for her age and it was also a language rich activity. This is not the type of play activity that H does on a regular basis but it was a nice change

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  1. (not very much around on the net ... still baby duties at daughter's place, not always simple for her .... ;-) !)
    What lovely things to play with for H. and A. reminds me of my stitching/knitting grandson, of course he is proud !


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