Monday, June 18, 2012

First stitches

I was a very proud Mama the last week because A did his first hand sewing. Well not really his first as he did make a place mat for H using shelf liner, coloured wool and a bodkin and he made a felt stocking for baby L (in preparation for Christmas!) by lacing felt .

A - circa 2010
But this time he sewed cotton fabric, a sharp needle and sewing cotton.

He used some scraps form a project that I was cutting out and first he made a little pillow for the fairy garden.He stuffed the pillow with cotton wool. Then he wanted to make a beanie hat for the fairy and finally he cut a blanket and then a scarf.

He managed the thread and needle so well. His level of concentration was wonderful and I absolutely loved seeing my boy experience such a sense of pride and achievement in his own handwork.

While he was sewing I taught him the following little poem (from Spindrift by Wynstones Press)

Needle bright,
Thread just right, 
Fingers quick and nimble.
Stitches fine,
In a line,
And always wear a thimble.

so pleased with himself

Apparently the fairy in our fairy garden is now very cosy and ready for Winter . . .


  1. Ohhh how sweet!! That last picture is so cute he's just beaming with pride:) And I love the little song I will have to write it down for my little ones too!!
    Just found your blog while blog hopping and LOVE it...see you again soon!!

  2. So cute! Adorable photos, you can def. see how happy he is about his project. :)


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