Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bird feeders

H and I have been noticing recently that our garden is being frequented by a stunning pair of Rosella's. So the other day I saved some bread crusts so that we could make some bird feeders for our feathered friends. They are quick and easy to do and best of all can almost be entirely by the children. A and I have made these a few times over the years and he loved remembering as he was guiding his sister this time.

The feeders are simply the crust slice that I cut into two pieces and poked a bit of a hole with the point of a knife. I then set them aside to dry overnight.

In the morning I made a wool loop on each piece of crust.

 We spread them with peanut butter

and then sprinkled them with some bird seed mix.

then we ventured out to find some spots around the garden to hang them

and wait for the birds to find them.

I was not lucky enough to get a picture of the birds eating their yummy treat but 24 hours later there was not anything left. The Rosellas did visit and also a wattle bird and some currawongs.

After we were done hanging the bird feeders it was the perfect time to fly a kite and run around.


  1. How lovely for your son to teach his little sister how to make these ~ very sweet :-) And I love how simple but nice they are. We will be trying these out for sure ~ maybe this week!!

    1. Thanks Kelly - I love watching their relationship unfold. Hope that you get to make some bird feeders - they are good simple fun


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