Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cosy Afternoons

 As much as I love my children to play outside some afternoons its just way too cold. To add to that A has asthma and Baby L needs to stay warm and cosy so we are finding that some afternoons we stay inside. One of the children's favourite games is to hit a balloon with a fly swat. Its great active fun with minimal risk to each other or the house being damaged!

After the bigger children have had their fun and moved on to slightly less energetic persuits Baby L  gets some floor time to practice her rolling skills. She is very proficient and can roll the length of the room in a very short amount of time. I dare not leave her alone as she often gets herself under the coffee table or wedged up by the lounges.


  1. Oooo baby L .... is she big already ... how quick that goes !
    What a fun play : with the fly swat (ha, new word for me !) and the balloon !

  2. Baby L is adorable and I love her bonnet :-) Did you make it? And balloons are such a great indoor toy aren't they! We have been playing with some too and I love the fly swat idea! Stay warm x

  3. loving the balloons and fly swats idea! what fun!


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