Saturday, September 29, 2012

Projects from the vintage sheet stash

I love vintage bed sheets and started collecting them almost two years ago. I think I have a soft spot for them because I remember having pink floral sheets as a child (they would now be vintage if they were still around) and I thought those sheets were just so pretty. The stash is pretty sizeable now and I tell myself that I will not buy any more but then I find another and can't pass it up! I will have to start making a dent in the stash soon.

I recently finished these cushions that I made for the children's playroom. They were in fact started last year but only just got around to completing them. The designs were appliqu├ęd from fabric scraps that I have saved from other projects over the years and actually apart from the zips and cushion inserts I didn't have to buy anything to make these (and that's good right).

The one with the curved road was inspired by one that I saw on a blog once (in the days before pinterest so I cannot remember where - sorry) and the house one was a drawing that A did last year.

A's drawing and the resulting cushion - he picked out the fabrics for this one
Both cushions are backed with pieces of vintage bed sheets (which I now realise I didn't photograph). I still need to work out how to put in zips properly.

The cushions were made to go onto this sweet seat that I made the cover for - from my sheet stash. It is such a cheerful piece and I love it. It makes me think that one day I will make my girls quilts from vintage sheets. I really like the simplicity of large squares (from memory 5 inches).

Too many teddys'! Friends and family love gifting my children with teddys apparently

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  1. shame you arent closer, id love to have your adorable little ones.Gosh i hope the tv is getting a good cut of her pay, sounds like its doing most of the child care! I havent put the tv on for daycare in a good few years and then it was just for the older ones at nap time. Glad your mountain buggy is holding up well! Such gorgeous pillows and seat cover. I love vintage sheets so much too


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