Friday, September 21, 2012

The best Op shop find ever

We have this little Saturday routine that I love - each Saturday morning I write up my grocery list for the week and then I go shopping. Sometimes I take A with me, usually though its H who wants to come along. My hubby stays home with Baby L (who sleeps) and whichever of the bigger children is not grocery shopping.

But every so often I go out all by myself! Its great. I have just my wallet, phone, shopping list and maybe my water bottle or lip gloss and even though I am doing the groceries I quite enjoy the time all to myself. On those rare Saturdays I like to pop into the fabric shop or the op shop or any other place that I usually avoid when I have small people in tow.

Well last weekend as I walked through the door of the op shop  spotted a small hard case on the opposite of the shop and I immediately knew what it was. I made a bee line to it and sure enough it was a vintage typewriter. I was soooo excited. I have wanted one of these beauties for years and here was one with a $10 price tag!!

And that vintage sheet was found in the same shop
The man at the counter kindly found me a piece of paper so that I could test it out and I was thrilled that all seemed to be in working order. The typewriter has clearly been well cared for , the manual etc. was intact as well as a few accessories and I have declared her the best find ever .

Though I do think that she needs a name - what would you suggest?

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