Friday, November 16, 2012

Spring Fair

Last weekend our local Steiner School celebrated its annual Spring Fair. This was the third year that I have been asked if I would like to share a table with some VERY talented friends in the gallery space. My contribution was smaller than I might have liked but I have been kind of busy this year with my little ones!

First up I had some needle felted tooth fairy hanging pockets. I made the first of these a few months ago when A lost his first tooth. The pocket is just the right size for a coin, a crystal or two and perhaps a letter from the tooth fairy. The beautiful roving that I used to make these came from here.

I also made some folded star lanterns and two felted toadstool houses with playmats

And here is what our table looked like . . . see I told you they were talented.

Spring Table

Winter Table

Autumn Table

Summer Table

The weather was wonderful and we all had a great time at the various stalls and activities. The maypole dance was a favourite but I didn't get a photo.
H and Dadda made a wreath for her to wear

A taking it all in

Baby L and I having a cuddle

I added this photo because I couldn't resist!


  1. O dear Ronnie, thank you for this post : so good to see you all and your really wonderful stand at the Spring Fair at your school !!!
    The display of all the little puppets is gorgeous !
    (hope a lot has a new owner now ;-) !!!)

    1. Yes Els lots found their way to new homes - one or two may have even come home with me!!

  2. I adore your tooth fairy pocket! so many gorgeous items on the tables too. Sounds like lots of fun

  3. It was so lovely meeting you in person at the fair. And your needle felted tooth fairy pockets are so gorgeous! I very nearly bought one, before I reminded myself that we are a few years away from losing teeth here! And I also love your star lanterns - so clever!! Gorgeous photo of you and Baby L :-)

    1. Thanks Kellie - likewise a pleasure to meet you and your little one. It would be my pleasure to make a tooth keeper for Dino boy when the time gets closer

    2. That would be very special, thank you :-) And you'll have to let me know what I can make for you.

  4. Lovely, lovely work by all of you!! And yes, I love rainbow colours too!! If you stop by my blog you will find a surprise waiting there just for you!!

  5. Hi Ronnie ~ you seem to be having a lucky week :-) Another surprise for you waiting over at Hinterland Mama

    Kelly :-)

    1. And forgot to say, can you send me an email at so we can organise delivery :-)

  6. Ronnie, can you email me too ;o) beetles at westnet dot com dot au

  7. Hello Ronnie -- I cannot seem to find your email address so I am leaving a comment here to tell you I responded to a comment you left on my blog here (does that make any sense at all?):

    And, oh my! Such lovely cuteness over here at your blog -- the gorgeous crafts... the gorgeous children...

    Do you remember the paper-cut angels you sent me ages and ages ago? (well... over a year ago, anyhow...) I still have them hanging over my kitchen table. They are gorgeous and impart their angelic blessings over my kitchen and home. Hey! I created my entire peg doll book sitting beneath those angels... (everything except the photos, which were done downstairs -- not in the kitchen!) Perhaps I owe the niceness of the book to you and your paper-cut angels?


  8. What beautiful, colourful, happy creations! Needle felting is something I've tried quite a bit but don't seem to improve all that much, so I'm a great admirer of those who have the talent for it!

  9. Hello,
    I accidentally deleted your comment about the swaps - just wanted to let you know that it will be great if you could join. I'll announce it next week.
    Love your felt creations by the way :)


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